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Robothon 2009: Done.

Robothon09 is behind us. Thanks for coming! If you watched the stream, thanks for watching!


Version 4, February 26, 2009 (Changes are likely)
When Session What Who
Thursday, March 5, 2009
8.30 9.15 Registration: get your badge and stuff.
9.15 9.45 0 Welcome, Intros, logistics. Erik, Paul, Tal
9.45 10.30 1 Getting Started: making UFO, importing and exporting. Installing. Introduction into the API, some examples. Erik, Paul, Tal
11.00 12.00 2 Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType: intro and new features in 2.5. Miguel Sousa
13.00 13.45 3 UFO2: New features and RoboFab beta Tal, Erik
13.45 14.30 4 The UFO2FDK package, Area51 Tal
15.00 15.45 5 Metrics Machine 4 Tal
15.45 16.30 6 Interpolating with Prepolator, Superpolator Erik, Tal
16.30 17.00 7 Building apps: a quick introduction to Defcon, Defcon AppKit,Vanilla and the art of making tools. Tal
Dinner by yourself or with friends
19.00 21.00 Party at Petr van Blokland + Claudia Mens, center of Delft. Bring your badge.
Friday, March 6, 2009
9.15 9.45 8 My kern runneð over: a case study of complex fonts and subtables. Ben Kiel
9.45 10.30 9 TTX & FontTools Just van Rossum
11.00 11.30 10 Glyphs: a font editor. Georg Seifert
11.30 12.00 11 Autopsy: Visual Font Auditing Yanone
13.00 13.40 12 The reason is not clear.
A message from the Russian programmers.
Adam Twardoch
13.40 14.20 13 UFO Stretch, RoundUFO and friends. Frederik Berlaen
14.20 15.00 14 Remix Tools Tim Ahrens
End of the Robothon conference.
16.00 GNP Presenting the Gerrit Noordzij Prize to Wim Crouwel.
SOTA Presentation of the SOTA Award to Gerrit Noordzij by The Society of Typographic Aficionados. James Grieshaber, Tamye Riggs, Laurence Penney
GNP Opening the Tobias Frere Jones exhibition by Chris Vermaas. Tobias won the GNP in 2006, this is the exhibition on his work.
19.00 - Dinner at the Juffrouw Ida Zaal, center of The Hague. Only if you registered. Sold out. Bring your badge.

There will be other type related events at the same time and venue: an exhibition of the work of Tobias Frere-Jones will open Friday afternoon, and the new winner of the Gerrit Noordzij Award will be presented.

Registration: Absolutely Sold Out

Twice as big as the 2006 edition of Robothon, we're really sold out. We managed to accomodate the waiting list too. But now we really have to stop. Inquiries can be sent to .


The Robothon organisers would like to thank this year’s gracious sponsors The Royal Academy of Arts, Buro Petr van Blokland + Claudia Mens, House Industries. LettError, Type Invaders, TypeSupply, The Font Bureau and Commercial Type.